Welcome to Del Toro Bullmastiffs!
We raise Bullmastiffs, we play with them, we show them, we train them, we talk non-stop about them!

We breed them occasionally in order to maintain the Breed integrity and standard as adopted by the American Kennel Club. Breeding and selling puppies is NOT the main intention of this website. Education is our intent and should be the main consideration of anyone looking to purchase a puppy. When we do breed we are looking for a few things; show quality puppies that conform to the standard as closely as possible which allow us to carry on our lines and keep us involved in our passion of showing dogs; healthy puppies which we ensure by doing all possible health clearances prior to breeding; and carrying on the excellent temperaments we have become known for over the past 25 years that Dan has been breeding dogs.

We hope you enjoy our website. We’ve tried to include as much information on the Breed and our own Dogs as we could come up with. And we have a Links Page and a Bullmastiff Info page for even more information.